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Winter Fundraiser: Façade repair


Produced by the historic Burmantofts Pottery in Leeds, the faience tiles which make up the Picture House’s iconic façade are now in need of specialist attention.

Decades of exposure to the elements, as well as structural issues, has caused some of the tiles to crack and show signs of deterioration.

By sponsoring the façade, you’ll not only help us to repair the broken tiles, but also fix the underlying issues to prevent further damage from occurring. The whole façade will also be professionally cleaned, so when we reopen our doors, the cinema will look better than it has done for decades.

And as a thank you for your donation, you’ll receive a limited-edition decorative tile. Produced in collaboration with the brilliant Sunken Studio, these handmade tiles are inspired by the Picture House’s marmo faience, both in terms of their look and feel. They also feature part of the letter H, taken from the ‘Hyde Park’ lettering above our main entrance. These 14cm tiles can be used in a variety of ways – including as a large coaster, a base for a plant pot, or on display as a decorative item.

To become a sponsor and learn about other ways you can support the project, visit our website.